Legendary Jazzy Alto Saxophone player Lester G. "SKA" Sterling, also known as Mr. Versatile is a Jamaican Trumpet and Saxophone player, writer and arranger.   Lester G. Sterling started his music education in the 40's at The Alpha Boys School in Jamaica which was run by the Sisters of Mercy and led by Sister Ignatius.   The school was Founded in 1880 and started it's own band in the 1890's with Ruben Delgado as the band teacher.   The famous Alpha Boys School produced many of Jamaica's great musicians, it still exist to this very day.   Lester Sterling played trumpet and cornet at the Alpha School from 1949 to ’55. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he decided he wanted to play alto saxophone. 

Lester G. "SKA" Sterling have recorded many instrumental classics, and is known worldwide for his musical achievements.   He made music with legendary musicians and producers from around the world and is sort after by Radio, TV stations and Producers.   He played with Byron Lee and the Dragonares and countless other Jamaican band.  Sterling recorded several solo singles for the London-based producer "Sir" Clancy Collins.  Some of his most famous music are Bangarang, So Long, Wiser than Soloman, Super Special, Mr. Lee's Whip, Spoogy, Soul Voyage, Skaramont, Zigaloo, Forest Gate Rock, Man at Work and most recent Little Theresa. 

Lester G. Sterling was awarded Order of Distinction on November 16th. 1998 for his distinctive contribution to Jamaican music.  He is the most outstanding musician of The Alpha Boys School. A member of the Jamaica Military Band in the 1950's.  Sterling also played trumpet in Val Bennett's band in 1957.  In late 1950's and early 1960's he played regularly as studio musician along with most of the original Skatalites members.  After the Skatalites disbanded in 1965, Sterling played with Byron Lee & the Dragonaires and recorded several solo singles for the London based producers "Sir" Clancy Collins.  His debut solo album Bangarang was released on Pama Records in 1969.  The Band The Skatalites have continued on with vary lineup.  Sterling is a founding member of The Skatalites and the only one alive.  However, today  Lester G. Sterling no longer play or tour with the Skatalites Band.